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MAX - for bigger phones with screens up to 7" and cases up to 16 mm / 0.63" thick

MAX -  adjustable arms for perfect phone fit

MAX - USB-C input and 12-24V input for FAST USB-C and wireless charging

MAX - for phones with protruding cameras (iPhone 13/14/15, Samsung Ultra's, Pixel PRO's)

MAX - rugged enough for any ride

 “Connected Biking” – Biking WITH Your Phone Thanks To Q-MOUNT

 As a motorcycle or biking enthusiast, you already know the hassle of having to put your phone away before getting on your bike, and only being able to check if you’ve missed calls after you come to a stop.

 The Q-MOUNT is perfect for anyone who wants to use their Map application, check their location, see calls and text messages, or listen to music while riding their bike, taking their scooter, or walking the kids in their stroller.

 Universal Fit

 The Q-MOUNT fits any phone – from the very smallest all the way to the most humongous - even with a large waterproof case! PLUS it is designed to clamp securely onto any pair of handlebars from a regular road bike to a Harley.

 [Fits ANY Phone] – This deluxe phone mount fits ANY size phone from the iPhone 4 all the way up to the iPhone 15 PRO MAX, Samsung S22 ULTRA – even with a large waterproof case. This is the only truly universal phone mount.

 [SOLID Quad-Grips] – The Q-MOUNT is named after its 4 powerful claws that firmly grip your phone in place. You can position your phone upright, horizontally, or any other angle you want!

 [Secure Your Phone With ONE HAND] – The best part of the Q-MOUNT! As soon as you place your phone into the Q-MOUNT, it depresses the central button, snapping the claws closed in less than one second – without obscuring any of the phone’s buttons! When you’re ready to remove your phone, squeeze the release mechanisms on either side. Easily mount/dismount the phone with gloves on.

 [FAST Wireless Charging and USB Charge] – Q-Mount MAX CHARGE will charge your phone during the trip! Qi Wireless Charging (Max Output 15W) + USB Quick Charge 3.0 is suitable for iOS and Android phones. Even with a phone case!


[Fits Any Handlebars + Mirror Mount] – The Q-MOUNT is perfect for any kind of bike – motorcycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, dirt bikes and more! Mirror mount is included with every Q-Mount MAX.


 For The Ultimate Convenience, The Best Value, And Amazing Durability, Get The Q-MOUNT MAX Today!

Package contents: Q-Mount MAX phone holder with standard clamp for handlebars up to 1.26 inches (32mm), mirror adapter, Allen key, and tape for the handlebar.

NOTE: Q-MOUNT MAX (with charging) needs to be connected to a USB or 12-24V power supply (battery/ignition/headlamp). It comes with a 5ft (1.5m) wire. Q-Mount MAX is NOT a power-bank. USB-C port is for power output or input.

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